“Spend Some Time Alone And Discover How Beautiful Your Soul Is.”

There was a time when I used to be so scared to be alone. I would rather do something I didn’t enjoy with someone by my side than do something I enjoyed by myself. But the problem with that is the fact that I am left waiting around for someone want to do those activities with me. I am waiting for them to pick me. I am willingly giving them control of my time and essentially my life.

I started to evaluate why I hated being alone. I was thinking and thinking when I suddenly thought of something. It was because I didn’t like myself enough to want to spend time with myself. That realization hit deep. I needed to find myself first. Haha I know, cheesy. But it’s true. How can I live knowing I don’t like myself. It is uncertain about who will still be by our sides in 10, 20 years, but it is 100% certain that I will be with myself. I will be by my side every step in my life. So why not love myself a little more? Show myself the love and affection that I crave from others.

It’s kind of strange, once I started this self love journey, I couldn’t stop.

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